Maroon Tartan Plaid  Wool Blend Fabr


ITEM DESCRIPTION: 62" width cut from the bolt and shipped in excellent packaging.

  • 60-62" width- approximately 12.5 ounces/yard
  • Machine washable and dry-able, and it drapes beautifully!
  • 80% Wool 20% Poly mix Wool Blend
  •  This fabric is ideal for jackets, Blazer , Cloaks and for school uniforms and furniture decor fabric. 
  • SOLD IN 3, 5 AND 10 YARD LOTS 
  • Medium Weight  wool blend Fabric~By Yard Fabric~Kilt Suiting Jacket Scarf~Highland Games Tartan Plaid Fabric@sohoskirts

Maroon Grey Navy Tartan Plaid by the Yard