Black Stewart Floor Length Circle Skirt 


Full Circle Long sewn in BLACK STEWART FLOOR LENGTH CIRCLE SKIRT  comes in two different lengths.  All Circle skirts designed to be worn on your natural waistline, which is the slimmest part of your waist.  
Circle Skirt  Features:   


~ 7 yards of fabric used to make this beautiful Full Circle Skirt 
Floor Length.  Each skirt is 40' long from bottom to top.

~ Easy to slip of and on with elastic waistband.
~ Poly Viscose soft sewing fabric.
~ One Side invisible Pocket.
~ Floor Length
~ Measures more than 300" circumference around the bottom edge
~ Machine Washable fabrics.
~ Made in Toronto Canada.


Sizing notes to include in order - please indicate: 


Circle Skirt - Notes 

Bust size - inches 

Waist - inches 

Hips - inches

Length of skirt - standard length is 40'

Black Stewart Floor Length Full Circle Skirt