Perfect gift for the weddings or for any occasion


We custom make the scarves. If you want this long scarf in different length please e-mail us and we will happy to help you.



Two different measurements are available.


This is not a infinity scarf. This is a long fringe scarf and you can wear in any style.


Measurements (A)


Length: 60" inches Long

Width: 7"( 14" Circumference ) 


Measurements (B)

Length: 70" inches Long

Width: 7" inches (14" Circumference)


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Machine Wash Cold / Tumble Dry Low


We will mail the scarf by using 4 days Expedited post anywhere in Canada or USA.

Menzies Red Plaid Fringe Scarf~60" Long Fringe Scarf~Red Black Plaid Scarf