Dark Grey pure wool blend Fabric By  Yard 


ITEM DESCRIPTION: 62" width cut from the bolt and shipped in excellent packaging.


Dark Grey wool blend weight Fabric~By Yard Fabric~Kilt Suiting Jacket Scarf~Highland Games Tartan Plaid Fabric@sohoskirts


  • 60-62" width- approximately 14.5 ounces/yard
  • Machine washable and dry-able, and it drapes beautifully!
  • Dark Grey Wool Fabric

This fabric is ideal for jackets, Blazer , Cloaks and for school uniforms  fabric.


If Buyer like to purchase more fabric we will mail the fabric in one continuous piece.


If you purchasing more than 20 yards of fabric please e-mail us for the discount on a shipping price.

Dark Grey Wool Blend Fabric~Medium weight, Suits, Blazer fabric