Pure 100% Wool Winter Full Circle Skirt


Full Circle Long sewn in  100% Blue Wool  comes in two different lengths.  All Circle skirts designed to be worn on your natural waistline, which is the slimmest part of your waist.  

Skirt  Features:   


~ 7 yards of fabric used to make this beautiful Full Circle Skirt 
Floor Length.  Each skirt is 40' long from bottom to top.

~ Easy to slip of and on with elastic waistband.
~ Poly Viscose soft sewing fabric.
~ One Side invisible Pocket.
~ Floor Length
~ Measures more than 300" circumference around the bottom edge
~ Machine Washable fabrics.
~ Made in Toronto Canada.


Sizing Notes:    


Please advise of your exact waist size in inches for each skirt ordered.    All of our skirts are custom designed to fit on the slimmest part of your body. 

100% Blue Wool Full Circle Skirt