Buffalo Blue Black Tartan Plaid fringe Wrap Shawl Blanket Scarf Women's Oversize 


Features & Care: 

  • Made with hand woven poly viscose fabrics that stay looking new for years
  • Non Itchy Poly/ Viscose Fabric feels great against your skin. 
  • Cozy all year around scarf.
  • Mix and Match with many different outfits. 
  • Beautiful scarfs are always in style ! 
  • Cozy all year round ! 
  • Tied in many different ways



  • Machine washable - dry cleaning not required. 


Three different measurements are available:

Measurements (A)
Length: 56" inches Long  x  Width: 38"

Measurements (B)
Length: 56" inches Long x  Width: 58"

Easy Shipping:  3 days expedited post anywhere in USA or Canada.

Buffalo Blue Blanket Scarf - Wrap

Option 1