By 3 yards or 5 yards


ITEM DESCRIPTION :- 62" width cut from the bolt and shipped in excellent packaging.


• 62" width- approximately 14.5 ounces/yard

• Machine washable and dry-able, and it drapes beautifully!

  Wool Blend Fabric

 Like to buy more or less fabric in this color. Please e-mail.


This medium weight tartan fabric is ideal for jackets, waistcoats, trousers; skirts, sashes and shawls,Kilts,skirts  upholstery, cushion covers etc..


Fabric is sold by the  yard only. More than one yard will be shipped as one continuous piece. Message me if you are interested in a smaller or larger amount.


We will ship this fabric by using expedited post to USA and to Canada.

Brown Colour Wool Blend Fabric~Cookie Brown Fabric