Sohoskirts History: 


The story of  is an interesting tale. 


The idea for sohoskirts came to us when we strolled through the aisles of clothing and other merchandise at the local mall.  I noticed the quality of the apparel products was getting worse by the week. 

For example, a skirt would be made of sheer/polyester - retail for over $80 CDN and would last for a few months at best. -- and no wonder, 95% of the stuff was mass produced. 

Well, this is where I wanted to make a difference.   I started sourcing high quality fabric at the local tartan stores and designed my own collections from scratch. 

My friends loved my designs so much, they offered to buy them from me, and they wanted more colors and sizes -- quickly.  I then opened my store website:   -- and the rest they say is history... 

Our main  philosophy at is: 

1) All items must be designed / manufactured in Canada only. 
2) All fabric material must be hand woven. 
3) Every item is custom made to customer's specifications.

     No item is too small or too large to make. 
4) We have a laser focus on fashionable skirts, kilts and Infinity Scarfs. 

By following the above 4 steps, I make sure all of my creations are of the  highest quality possible ..  at the reasonable prices. 
I am always looking at ways to improve my work.   If you have more suggestions, email @

Thank you!



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Terris Collection Inc., Toronto

Can I customize my skirt, kilt, cloak scarf etc ? 

Yes.  Every item we sell is hand made and customized.   Please let us know what the measurements of your item in inches, and we will happily  produce a new item to your specifications. 

Where is the work done ? 

 in Toronto, Ontario - Canada !  

Sorry - no physical store yet.  

Everything is done online to keep costs low for our customers. 

What material do you use to make your items ? 

We specialize in tartan / plaid  & plain color materials.  We use only hand woven polyester / viscose fabric to enhance quality. 


How long does it take to complete one kilt, skirt ? 

Once we have your measurements, we can turn around  a new item within 2 - 3 business days, and ship it asap.   All shipments are sent from Toronto, Ontario Canada to your home or business.  


We use Canada Post to ship all parcels within Canada & USPS to ship in the USA.  


How long does shipping take to : 


Canada:  2-5 Days in GTA.

10+ days to Eastern / Western Canada 

 United States: Shipped using USPS  

All items are shipping used Priority Post or Expedited Post. 1 - 4 days shipping arrivals


Worldwide shipping costs depends on weight and size of package

 Please email us for shipping costs / times. 

Exchanges / Refund Policy:    Measure carefully and accurately:   

It's important to measure exactly where you'd like your item to sit - and ignore the size charts you may have used in past.  


Use a simple measuring tape and measure in inches of where you'd like your item to sit.


 - The numbers can't lie !   


Since each item is custom made to a clients specs, and carefully crafted - a great deal of time is invested to ensure its highest quality and exact fit.   This sohoskirt was custom made only for you


Exchanges Only: exchanges are considered on a case by case basis.  Permission to exchange are based on the following criteria:


a)  Item must not be worn and must be in re-sellable condition

b)  client must notify SOHOSKIRTS within 1 day of receiving item        -  of intention to exchange. 

c)  Item is free of defects. 

d) Item is returned to us within 7 days of  client's receipt.